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Adult Protective Services (APS) receives, identifies and investigates reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults age 18 years or older who are incapacitated or anyone 60 and older. APS workers also provide case management or related services and establish and strengthen family and social support systems to protect adults at risk of.

National Adult Protective Services Association. Arlington Police - Fraud Prevention Tips. Arlington Sheriff - Safety for Our Seniors Adult Protective Services VirginiaNavigator is a website that provides free information about health, aging, disability and veteran resources available to Virginians. Issues such as health, finance, legal.

Adult Protective Services receives and investigates reports of allegations of abuse, abandonment, neglect, self-neglect and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults living in the community and in facilities. Information for the General Public.

* APS = Adult Protective Services CCL = Child Care Licensing COS = Contract Oversight and Support CPI = Child Protective Investigations CPS = Child Protective Services MS = Management Services PEI = Prevention and Early Intervention RCCL = Residential Child Care Services RMG = Records Management Group SWI = Statewide Intake.