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Baby teeth are smoother on surfaces than the permanent teeth. Permanent teeth have a rough edge to break out through the surface of the gums. Children have 20 baby teeth compared and 32 permanent teeth (including wisdom tooth). As your child’s jaw grows, their permanent molars will come in behind their primary teeth and fill those gaps behind.

The his top teeth came in behind the baby teeth, he only lost the one top baby tooth so far because he got kicked in the mouth. And now, also, on the bottom are the second pair of adult teeth coming in behind the baby teeth and the baby teeth are not even close to being loose!

Mar 10, 2017 · Adult Teeth Coming in Behind Baby Teeth. Most children start to lose their baby teeth around the ages of 5 to 7. Usually, when a permanent tooth begins to erupt directly under a baby tooth, it absorbs the baby tooth root. The root dissolves, causing the tooth to become loose and fall out, making room for the new tooth.

Adult baby teeth often occur due to a lack of permanent replacement teeth. They often need to be removed, unless doing so would distress the teeth and mouth. Here's what you need to know.Author: Ashton Clarke.