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Also known as a Reactive Attachment Disorder, attachment disorder in adults is a problem that begins in the most impressionable years of childhood and manifests itself over time into adulthood in a much severe form.Author: Puja Lalwani.

Aug 28, 2019 · Adult attachment disorder is a term used to describe the emotional dysfunction of someone who cannot form intimate, caring bonds with others. The dysfunction may manifest itself as either a rejection of close relationships or a constant demand for them.

Sep 17, 2019 · Attachment disorder can lead to addiction including gambling, sexual, alcohol, and drugs. They may also throw themselves into their work. They may also suffer from shopping and eating disorders.

Adult Attachment disorder (AAD) is the result of untreated Attachment Disorder, or Reactive Attachment Disorder, that develops in adults when it goes untreated in children. It begins with children who were unable to form proper relationships early in their youth, [1] or were abused by an adult in their developmental stages in life.