Endangered Missing Adult Alert canceled for West Chester man, 23 - endangered adult


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Elder Abuse. State Hotline: 1-800-992-6978 An Endangered Adult A person who believes or has reason to believe an endangered adult is the victim of battery, neglect or exploitation is required to report the facts to Adult Protective Services or a law enforcement .

Petition for Endangered Adult to Receive Services. IC 12-10-3-22 Hearing on Petition; Right to Counsel for Endangered Adult. IC 12-10-3-23 Findings Required for Adult to Receive Services. IC 12-10-3-24 Order for Protective Services for Endangered Adult. IC 12-10-3-25 Modification or Termination of Order for Protective Services. IC 12-10-3-26.

If the APS unit has reason to believe that an individual is an endangered adult, the adult protective services unit shall investigate the complaint or cause the complaint to be investigated by law enforcement or other agency and make a determination as to whether the individual reported is an endangered adult.

(1) for the reason that the individual is being provided spiritual treatment in accordance with a recognized religious method of healing instead of specified medical treatment if the individual would not be considered to be an endangered adult if the individual were receiving the medical treatment; or.