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With planning, escorts can be accomplished while providing safety to the parties being escorted, the motoring public, and the escort motorcycle officers Editor’s Note: This week’s First Person.

This non-coiled cord is great for connecting the Escort, Beltronics and Valentine detectors directly to the 12V wiring on your bike (see detector models listed below). Includes in-line fuse and Scotch-Lok connector for easy installation. Fits Escort models 6800, 7500, 8500, 8500-X50, 9500i, 9500ix detectors.

Services and activities of North Texas Dignitary Escort, a motorcycle escort company.

Jun 07, 2019 · A British Special Escort Group bike! The Special Escort Group is part of the Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations Unit. They escort the royal family, prime minister and important convoys. The download includes the texture.ytd file, installation instructions and credits. Features: Realistic livery (metropolitan police special escort group)ELS modelUK number plateEasy installationAmazing 5/5(2).