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Jan 22, 2008 · How to Get Someone Committed to a Mental Hospital. Someone you know has possibly become a threat to themself or others. This is the threshold of behavior that once crossed, instigates the need for action. You care about this friend or 74%(16).

Like every state, Florida has civil commitment laws that establish criteria for determining when involuntary treatment is appropriate for individuals with severe mental illness who cannot seek care voluntarily. Florida's laws allow for the use of court-ordered treatment in the community, known as assisted outpatient treatment (AOT).

Patient Assessment: Can We Have A Loved One Committed? Dr. Schwartz's most patients with schizophrenia and other chronic mental illnesses are able to remain out of the hospital and live in the community as long as they do not pose a threat to themselves or to anyone else. there have been cases where family members dropped Haloperidol or.

Sep 10, 2019 · Are you considering for someone involuntary hospitalization for depression?You may be wondering what you can do. You may not even be sure if hospitalization is really necessary. The following is meant to answer some of the questions that you may be having when making the difficult decision to commit someone to a mental hospital against his or her will.