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May 24, 2017 · Horizontal Overbite – Occurs when the top teeth protrude over the bottom teeth. While an overbite is diagnosed as vertical or horizontal, some patients exhibit signs of both types. Overbites can also be categorized as either dental or skeletal in nature. A dental overbite means that the teeth are causing the overbite to be created.

Overbite Correction for Adults The Aging Adult and Overbite Problems An overbite can be especially harmful to your health and appearance when you grow older, and your teeth start wearing down. When the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth, the jaw is forced back towards the ear canal, which reduces tongue space and constricts the airway.

Having a denture overbite/underbite means that your new teeth don’t quite line up from the back to the front when your mouth is closed, and this can mean your jaw doesn’t sit comfortably when closed, which can cause discomfort when eating or talking.

Sep 28, 2007 · I recently had dentures made and they are horrible. They were made with an overbite. The dentist had the bottom denture remade to match this overbite and now both of the dentures stick out too far. I look hideous and everyone says I do not look anything like myself.