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The Chamber is the kinkier, more outgoing cousin of The Garden- where the latter has a nice, boutique-y lingerie shop upstairs and all the smutty stuff you can handle safely below ground, the former has almost nothing but kink, and it just gets kinkier the further in you travel on the ground floor.4/5(15).

The Chamber boasts locally-crafted leather goods, impact and electro toys, medical implements, rope, locks, chastity devices, and everything in between and beyond. The Chamber staff is specially trained to help you find just what you need for safe, sane, consensual kink and fetish play.

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce can connect you with the people, information and resources your business needs to prosper in the Columbus Region.

Browse 9 Trusted Adult Entertainment in Columbus on Solid Gold Restaurant. 5411 Bethel Sawmill Ctr - Columbus, Ohio 43235 (614) 764-0500.