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Feb 15, 2018 · Is this a Baha'i hate group? (self.exbahai) during the days of usenet and talk.religion.bahai, when I shared a rather innocuous post about disbelief and the reasons for disbelief, a true-believer contacted my employer. So do I dislike a cult that sucks money from vulnerable people and preaches hatred? Yeah, I do dislike that cult. Baha.

Baha'i Faith. The Bahá'í Faith is a religion founded by Bahá'u'lláh in 19th-century Persia, emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind.

Dec 06, 2009 · We all know about Islam, but may not know about Bahai. Bahai is a new religion or rather a religion of the newer world. It is becoming popular nowadays and has its origins from the Shi’ite Islam sect. Though originating from Islam, there are a considerable amount of differences between the two 2.1/5(20).

Oct 03, 2011 · You and your blog sucks. Your religion and the rest are perfecly fine, the problem is who is each one following that religion. I know bahais and they are in general pretty peaceful. I dont know many muslins but the internet seems to be full of muslims who hate. Try to find out a bahai blog about hateing the others. What a jerk. Reply Delete.