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The bass fretboard map will help you in finding the correct key if you need it. After you are comfortable playing the lick with the key changes, pick another one to mix with the progression. You can play these progressions with the same lick, licks you may already know, or mix and match any of the licks in this package. The 8 Bar Blues.

Hi Im Jasper Mortier. Welcome To 50 Blues Bass Licks you MUST know. As a self taught musician Ive been making a living as a blues bass player for more than twenty years. Ive found that expression and feel is what a bass player needs to bring to the gig and to the jam. Aside from of course an extensive knowledge of blues standards and grooves.

If you are dedicated to learning the blues and you are willing to put in the time, you already have a head start. Writing a lick takes a lot of practice. The best way to develop great writing abilities is to practice. Try using some basic bass scales to write some licks. When you are satisfied with your lick.

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