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We address community needs by coordinating volunteer opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. We partner with a wide range of community service organizations and government agencies to tackle issues like homelessness, hunger, education, animal welfare, environmental challenges, and so .

Other Community Volunteer Opportunities Become more involved in your community and your town! There are many ways to volunteer your time or talents to help a local organization. Check the following resources to find a volunteer opportunity in Gilbert! Non-Profit Service Opportunities -Organizations serving Gilbert residents in need.

Community service hours for your high school, the National Honors Society, or other club. Satisfaction from making a personal connection with a patient who appreciates you. The opportunity to make friends with other teen volunteers. Training that will prepare you to interact with patients and their families.

Just begin your search by ZIP code and filter "community service" to find community service opportunities for teens near you. Summer volunteer programs for teens require dedication and commitment. Simply showing up for an hour isn’t enough to get anything out of the experience for the teen or the organization providing the opportunity.