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I am the bio-father of a 4 year old with reactive attachment disorder, ptsd, developmental delay (gross motor), sleep disorder, articulation disorder as well as neonatal abstinences syndrome. He was born to a methadone addicted mother who cared more about feeding her addiction than caring for her infant baby.

Learn about potential causes, warning signs and symptoms for reactive attachment disorder, effects and any co-occurring disorders commonly seen in adolescents and teens with attachment disorders. Village Behavioral Health.

Group therapy: Groups are the main form of treatment used at Village Behavioral Health, a reactive attachment disorder treatment center in Knoxville. We offer multiple groups each day that will allow teens to work with peers struggling with similar problems so that they each learn how to .

13 Reactive attachment disorder in adolescence John P. Kemph and Kytja K. S. Voeller Abstract Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) has received increasing attention as a possi-ble explanation of severe behavioral disturbances in children and adolescents. Its etiology is hypothesized as related to failure of attachment beginning in infancy.