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Images of Sears Homes vintage house plans 1920-1930

Bowes licensed his plans to lumber yards for publication under their names. Standard House Plans did the same thing as did the National Plan Service. Even companies like Morgan Sash & Door or Bilt-Well, which were both known for their doors, windows, and trim, offered plans in their catalogs. Architects frequently marketed themselves in the.

1945 Sterling House Plans - The Superior - Post WW II Bungalow - Small House Plans * * * Wayne: 1945 Sterling House Plans - The Wayne - Tiny Bungalow cottage - Minimal Traditional * * * Windsor: 1945 Sterling House Plans - The Windsor - Colonial Revival Cottage - Small house plans * * 1949 National: National Homes of Moderate Cost - 1949.

Kit Houses of the 1930's from The Bennett Company Depression era Housing. Kit home plans from the Bennett Company from the thirties shows the early incarnations of the ranch style. Some of the house plans include the attached garage which became so popular in later years.

Aug 10, 2019 · I just can't resist these vintage house plans. Just make the front bedroom the study, with french doors. 1922 Classic Bungalow with Gabled Dormer - Stillwell California Bungalow Plans - No. This was the exact house my grandfather built and I was in and out of my entire life. Nice house but I'm not crazy about the missing center two posts on the.